Should You Go For COVID-19 Personal Loan ?

COVID-19 Personal Loan - Almost all the public sector banks are offering the COVID-19 Personal loan to their existing borrowers under salary, pension, home , ...

Listen and Beware !!! Fake Customer Care Call from Banks

Go through the audio conversation between a customer and so called Fake Customer Care Executive of SBI. Initially they asked for SBI debit card and when they ...

ATM Fraud – List of Customers Liability

Check out the list of liabilites for customers if their ATM cards defrauded. RBI has advised banks to improve and upgrade their ATM security software against ...

Why Paytm or other e Wallet have no future ?

What would be the future of eWallet in India. This is a very sensitive query raised as various digital initiative are taken by Big banks in India along with ...

10 Public Sector Banks Are Not Eligible for 11th Bipartite Settlement Benefits

Recently Government agrees to infuse Rs8,586 crore capital infusion in 10 weak public sector banks (PSBs) in the current fiscal year but terms strict norms and ...

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