Listen and Beware !!! Fake Customer Care Call from Banks

Go through the audio conversation between a customer and so called Fake Customer Care Executive of SBI. Initially they asked for SBI debit card and when they came to know that customer doesn’t carry the State Bank debit card, he asked for any bank’s card.

This is known as Vishing in banking terminology and defined as any attempt to obtain personal and financial information from an individual through Fake telephone calls.

Several instances have occurred wherein people receive phone calls that appear to be from their bank. The caller usually pretends to be a bank customer care representative or someone from the bank’s technical team or executives from RBI.

In most cases, the caller sounds professional and provides a convincing reason for calling the customer. After having given a false sense of security, the caller then tricks the victim into giving away their personal and confidential data such as:

  • Credit/debit card number
  • The card’s CVV number 
  • Expiry date
  • Secure password
  • ATM pin
  • Internet Banking login ID and password and other personal information

With all such crucial information at hand, the fraudster can easily carry out illegal financial transactions using the victim’s name.

Watch Audio of Real Conversation

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