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SBI Foreign Education Loan – TCS Rate on Remittance

TDS on SBI Foreign Education Loan Remittance kicks in from October 1. The SBI tweet said that the  Tax Collection at Source (TCS) on Liberalized remittances ...

COVID19 Loans – How To Restructure SBI Retail Loans Online ?

Know the step by step process to Restructure SBI Retail Loans Online of COVID -19 moratorium period - India's largest lender has launched an online portal for ...

Checkout the Cheapest Home Loan Interest Rates

Compare and get the cheapest home loan Interest rates from the bank -  Recently, due to sluggish demands, almost all the banks have reduced the housing loan ...

How to Understand Credit Score & Credit Information Report (CIR) ?

Understand Credit Score & Credit Information Report (CIR) - In general, every credit rating agencies like CIBIL, Experian etc. allotting a three-digit ...

GECL MSME Loans – Bank is Ready to Lend, Customers Don’t Want to Take Risk, SBI chairman

GECL MSME Loans, No borrowers - SBI Chairman Mr Rajnish Kumar has said that Bank is Ready to Lend to borrowers but the customers don't want to take risk as ...

Canara Bank to MSMEs, Get GECL Loans in 5 Days

Canara Bank to MSMEs, Get GECL Loans in 5 Days - Canara Bank has directed its branch offices to process and disburse additional working capital loans or term ...

How Will Rs 3 Lakh Crore Emergency Credit Line (GECL) Work ?

The Rs 3-lakh-crore Guaranteed Emergency Credit Line (GECL) was announced as the relief package for the MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) as well as ...

Government Suspended Bankruptcy Code, What Does It Mean for Banks ?

Bankruptcy Code suspension for one year, announced by the finance minister of India under COVID-19 relief package. It is done to provide relief to the ...

COVID-19 Personal Loans By Banks – Check Your Eligibility Criteria

COVID-19 Personal Loan - Public Sector Banks (PSB) have started offering the personal loan to COVID effected customers. Some of the banks offering covid-19 ...

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