Financial Ratio Analysis Calculators For Loans & Mortgages

Ratio Calculators for Banking Loans & Mortgages – Financial Ratio Analysis Calculators and formula for calculating and analyzing various loan proposals like Mortgage Loans, Housing Loan, Business Loan, Credit Card Loan etc. and project analysis of working capital including term loan and composite loan.

These are the most common financial loan ratio commonly used in the banking industry while processing various type of loan and advances including working capital, WCTL and others.

These financial ratio are very much important in finding the wellness and strength of business which will help bank and investors, creditors or company management to understand how well a business.

Maximum of the loan proposal under various categories are commonly analyzed through these financial ratios.

Follow the below mentioned required financial ratio like Income, Debt Service, liquidity, solvency, efficiency, profitability, market prospect, investment leverage, and coverage along with automatic calculators.

Click on Following Financial Ratios for calculation :

  • Debt to Equity Ratio

  • Dividend Payout

  • Dividend Yield

  • DuPont Analysis

  • Earnings per Share

  • Liquidity Ratios

  • Solvency Ratios

  • Efficiency Ratios

  • Profitability Ratios

  • Market Prospect Ratios

  • Financial Leverage Ratios

  • Coverage Ratios

  • Receivables Turnover Ratio

  • Asset Turnover Ratio

  • Cash Conversion Cycle

  • Cash Ratio

  • Compound Annual Growth Rate

  • Contribution Margin

  • Current Ratio

  • Days Sales in Inventory

  • Days Sales Outstanding

  • Debt Ratio


  • Equity Multiplier

  • Equity Ratio

  • Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio

  • Gross Margin Ratio

  • Interest Coverage Ratio

  • Internal Rate of Return

  • Net Working Capital

  • Operating Margin Ratio

  • Payables Turnover Ratio

  • Price Earnings P/E Ratio

  • Profit Margin Ratio

  • Quick Ratio – Acid Test

  • Retention Rate

  • Return on Assets

  • Return on Capital Employed

  • Return on Equity

  • Times Interest Earned Ratio

  • Working Capital Ratio

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