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Savings Bank Account Daily Interest Calculator

Learn and use the inbuilt daily saving interest calculator for all bank's saving account. This saving interest calculator, calculate the daily interest on saving bank deposit of any bank's account holder. Interest rate on saving bank is deregulated by Reserve...

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Bank’s Monthly Average Balance Calculator (MAB)

Monthly Average Balance (MAB)  is being charged by each of the banks for non maintenance of minimum balance in the account.The Monthly Average Balance (MAB) is calculated on a simple average of day-end balances for a calendar month. The MAB...

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Financial Ratio Analysis Calculators For Loans & Mortgages

Ratio Calculators for Banking Loans & Mortgages - Financial Ratio Analysis Calculators and formula for calculating and analyzing various loan proposals like Mortgage Loans, Housing Loan, Business Loan, Credit Card Loan etc. and project analysis of working capital including term...

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How To Calculate Gratuity Benefit ?

How To Calculate Gratuity Benefit ? - Gratuity is being paid by all the establishment in India having more than 10 employees and fall under gratuity act. Gratuity is the component of salary paid to employees after five years of...

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