Find Account Holder Name of Any Banks From Account Number

Find Account Holder Name – You may Check the Account holders Name of any banks if you are having account number with you. This service is only available with such banks which are having Cash Deposit Machines (CDM) or Bunch Note Accepter (BNA) available. The few banks are SBI, Canara Bank, PNB, HDFC, ICICI, BOB, BOI etc. 

Follow the below mention steps and know the name of the Account Holders

Find Account Holder Name Through BNA Or CDMA

  1. Visit the Bank’s CDM or BNA or CAsh Deposit Machine
  2. Enter your Debit Card or if Cardless choose the option
  3. Select option Cash Deposit
  4. Enter the Account number of the person
  5. Screen will show you the beneficiary name
  6. That’s Easy !!
  7. In SBI cash deposit machine, Follow “Cardless Deposit >>Langauage >> Your Mobile Number >>Account Type >> Beneficiary Account Number“, account holder details will be displayed on the screen.

Find Account Holder Name

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Through Internet Banking or Mobile Banking

  1. This is possible only in case of same banks
  2. Login to Internet Banking or Mobile Banking
  3. Choose option Fund Transfer
  4. Enter Account Number
  5. Screen will show you the beneficiary name
  6. Easy !!!


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