How To Transfer Funds in SBI Without Beneficiary Registration ?

Steps to transfer fund through Internet Banking of SBI without Beneficiary registration. Using ‘Quick Transfer’ facility of Internet Banking, customer of SBI can transfer amount up to Rs 10,000/ Per Day to third party without any registration of Benefeciary.

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How To use ‘Quick Trasfer’ facility without Beneficiary Registration ?

  1. Login to Online SBI Internet Banking link Here
  2. Go To ‘Payments/Transfers’ Tab
  3. Select ‘Quick Transfer’ link
  4. Provide Beneficiary details, account number , IFSC code
  5. Choose payment options i.e. IMPS, NEFT or within SBI account
  6. Provide Amount and choose the purpose
  7. Submit


Important To Remember

  • Please note High Security Password is mandatory for Quick fund transfers.
  • Please note that the maximum amount for an Quick Fund per transaction is Rs.10,000/-.
  • Please note that the maximum amount should not exceeds the limit Rs.10,000/- for the day.
  • If you have any hidden accounts, please unhide through the tab Profile > Manage A/c Display > UnHide Accounts or UnHide Debit Accounts.

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