How to Check SBI Account Mobile Number Registration with Internet Banking ?

SBI has announced the blocking of all such Internet banking services extended to the SBI account holders where Mobile Number is not registered. Read the details here.

A SBI account holder can check online if his/her mobile number is registered with the bank. Follow the below mentioned steps to check:

  1. To check, SBI account holders have to log into their internet banking facility ( and then enter user name and password details.SBI-internet-banking
  2. After logging in, they need to click on ‘My accounts and profile’ tabSBI Internet banking blocking
  3.  Then click on ’Profile’ and then Personal Details/Mobile
  4. Then they have to enter the Profile password (The Profile password is different from the login password)
  5.  The registered mobile number will be displayed
  6.  If your mobile number is not registered with SBI, the account holder will be required to visit the bank branch.
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