Top Performing Small Cap Mutual Funds To Invest in 2015

Small Cap Mutual Funds To Invest in 2015 – The share market is at all time high and each day it is caching a new position. There are many investors who are willing to enter the market but hesitate to invest in due to higher risk involve in it.

The best way to new investor to enter the market is through Mutual Funds. There are many good and best mutual fund schemes which are indirectly investing in equity markets with minimum risk.

The best part of such investment i.e. Chances of loosing money is almost nil although it is invested in stock market up to 100% in many schemes.

The current stock market is showing the boom in Small Cap and Mid Cap Funds. The Moving Average Index of these two funds are at highest. The prediction also shows that the new policies of government are very focused towards these sectors.

Based on the ranking of various Mutual Funds research houses and past performance the following are the Best Small Caps funds to invest in 2015.

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1. Reliance Small Cap Mutual Funds

2. Franklin India Small Cap Funds

3. DSP Blackrock Small Cap Funds

4. SBI Emerging Business Funds

5. UTI Mid Cap funds, although this is a Mid Cap fund but the portfolio also comprises of small companies.

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This is purely an assumption but the current scenario of market presume the growth in the Mid and Small Companies. The next three years are really promising for investment in this sector.

NOTE : The above Mutual Funds are no where related to author and list where prepared on market survey. Investment are purely the Individual Decision.

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