Now Banker’s Will Be Treated as Group “A” Officers For OBC reservation

For any reason but government has finally accepted that the officials of all public sector banks who are board level executives or managerial level executives will be treated as equivalent to Group “A” central government post. This move was cleared and approved by cabinet committee chaired by prime minister Sri Narendra Modi. Cabinet has also approved the inclusion of other PSU’s and insurance companies for same.

Decision made by cabinet committee  will also prevent children of those in senior positions in such institutions like banks, psu’s and insurance companies, who, owing to absence of equivalence of posts, may have been treated as non Creamy Layer by virtue of wrong interpretation of income standards from cornering government posts reserved for OBCs and denying the genuine non creamy layer candidates a level playing field.

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This will help in getting the benefit of hiked slab of creamy layer under OBC categories to the children of those serving in lower categories in PSUs and other institutions to get the benefit of OBC reservations, on par with children of people serving in lower categories in government.

Based on the supreme court advise on 08.09.1993 specifies six categories for identifying Creamy Layer (a) Constitutional/Statutory post (b) Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B’ Officers of Central and State Governments, employees of PSUs and Statutory bodies, universities, (c) Colonel and above in armed forces and equivalent in paramilitary forces (d) professionals like Doctors, Lawyers, Management Consultants, Engineers etc. (e) Property owners with agricultural holdings or vacant land and/or buildings and (f) income/wealth tax asessee.

With implementation of New law, In PSUs, all Executive level posts i.e. Board level executives and managerial level posts would be treated as equivalent to group ‘A’ posts in Government and will be considered Creamy Layer.

All Junior Management Grade Scale-1 and above post of Public Sector Banks, Financial Institutions and Public Sector Insurance Corporations will be treated as equivalent to Group ‘A’ in the Government of India and considered as Creamy Layer.

For lower categories jobs like Clerks and Peons in PSBs, FIs and PSICs, the Income Test as revised from time to time will be applicable. These are the broad guidelines and each individual Bank, PSU, Insurance Company would place the matter before their respective board to identify individual posts.

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