7th Pay Commission Salary Calculator

7th Pay Commission Salary Calculator – The recommendation of 7th Pay commission by Justice Mathur have been submitted to finance minister for implementation from 01st January 2016 to all the Government Employees including pensioners.

This should be learning and eye opener for Nationalized Bank Unions. Anyway the recommendation of the pay commission is very attractive especially for lower level of job profiles.

Few of the recommendation made by the Justice Mathur 7th Pay Commission Salary are :

  1. There should be Minimum pay i.e. Rs 18,000/-
  2.  Grade Pay System should be abolished
  3.  There should be fitment formula of 2.57 i.e. for calculating the new salary structure the multiple of 2.57 factor will be applicable.
  4.  The pay commission recommend the increase in Military service Pay to 16,500
  5.  There should be annual increment of  3% which will be applicable on 1st July each year.
  6.  52 existing allowances abolished
  7.  The optimum increase in pay would be approx 16%
  8. There is expected increase of 23.55%  over all salary with allowance and for pensioners 24% increase

Your Salary For 7th Pay Commission below 

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