11th Bipartite Expected Salary Calculator For Bank Employees

11th Bipartite Settlement for Bank employees is due on 01st Nov 2017 but the demand of wage revision as per central government employees are already started among banker’s. Banker’s believe that their salary are not competitive as per the market scenario. They want their salary as competitive like their peers in private sector banks.

There are various reason for demanding higher salary for bank employees as there are majority of risk are involved beside accountability and complex nature of work involved.Anyway, the seriousness of Bank officer’s union are very much seen while submitting the demand of 11th Bipartite to IBA. They were not able to listed out their charter of Demands to Indian Banker’s association on Time.

Read11th Bipartite Settlement – Officer’s Summary of Demand Submitted To IBA

Anyway the synopsis of Demand submitted by Bank’s Officers Union to IBA and as per their expected demand for salary hike, the calculation of expected revised wage revision for 11th Bipartite are done. In this salary calculation the expected Dearness allowance merger considered for salary calculation are considered as on 31-10-2017.

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What would be the expected salary of Bank Employee’s if consideration of Charter of Demand of Officer’s by Bank Union to IBA  taken ?


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