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11th Bipartite – Calculate Your Expected Basic Pay with 10% Hike

Recent meeting between IBA & UFBU was held on 02nd Feb 2019. IBA has offered to enhance the fixed pay component from 8% to 10% and reduce the variable pay by 25% to 6.2%.

Based on the charter of demands submitted by the Banker’s  Union with initial hike on salary offered by IBA i.e. 10% as hike or load factor, the revised basic pay of Bankers is calculated.

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Note – The salary calculator to calculate the hike in basic pay for the bankers after 11th Bipartite. This calculator is designed with open fields where load factor can be provided as and when IBA revises their offer. All you need to provide your existing Basic pay and hike.

  1. The DA as on 31-10-2017 on the exiting basic pay will be at 47.80%. The whole D.A. at 47.80% will be merged with the existing basic pay.
  2. Since the entire D.A. outstanding as on 31.10.2017 is merged with the existing Basic Pay, the new D.A. as on 01.11.2017 will be ‘Nil’.

Let’s check your new revised salary

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