Today’s Bank Deposit Rates

Get the Comprehensive ready reckoner of loans and Fixed deposit of various banks including Post office deposit rates for various tenure. Investor may subscribe this page for updates on weekly basis.

Note : These rates are updated on every Monday.

          Top Five Bank Fixed Deposits
Bank           Rate[1 Yrs]      Bank         Rate[2 Yrs]Bank Rate[3 Yrs]Bank      Rate[5 Yrs]
IDFC Bank7.50%IDFC Bank7.25%IDFC7.20%IDFC7.20%
City Union Bank7.10%RBL 7.20%DCB7.10%DCB7.10%
RBL Bank7.10%DCB Bank7.00%RBL7.10%RBL7.10%
LV Bank7.00%KVB7.00%KVB7.00%KVB7.00%
DCB Bank6.85%LVB7.00%LVB7.00%LVB7.00%

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          Top Five Senior Citizen Bank Fixed Deposits
Bank           Rate[1 Yrs]      Bank         Rate[2 Yrs]Bank Rate[3 Yrs]Bank      Rate[5 Yrs]
RBL Bank7.60%IDFC Bank7.75%IDFC7.70%IDFC7.70%
City Union Bank7.50%RBL 7.70%DCB7.60%DCB7.60%
LVB7.50%DCB Bank7.50%RBL7.60%RBL7.60%
DCB Bank6.35%LVB7.50%LVB7.50%LVB7.50%



          Top Five Tax Saving Bank Fixed Deposits
Bank           Rate[5 Yrs]  [Lock-in]    
IDFC Bank7.20%
DCB Bank7.10%
RBL Bank7.10%
KVB 7.00%


          Top Five Bank Loan Interest Rate (MCLR)
Bank           Rate[1 Yrs]      Bank         Rate[2 Yrs]Bank Rate[3 Yrs]Bank      Rate[5 Yrs]
PNB8.15%Union Bank8.25%Union Bank8.30%Indian Bank8.75%
ICICI8.20%Axis Bank8.30%Axis Bank8.35%KVB9.10%
Union Bank8.20%Allahabad Bank8.45%HDFC8.40%



          Your EMI For a Loan of Rs One Lac
Tenure   5 Yrs      10 Yrs15 Yrs20 Yrs    25 Yrs

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          Post Office Deposits
Scheme   Interest    Min. InvestmentMax InvestmentFeatures   Tax Rebate
SCSS8.30%100015 Lacs5 Years, Min 60 Years80C
SSA8.30%100015 Lacs per yearOne A/C Per Girl Child80C
PPF7.80%5002 Lacs Per Year15 Years80C
NSC7.80%100No LimitNo TDS80C
KVP7.80%1000No Limit2.5 Years can be encashedNIL
Time Deposit6.8-7.6%200No Limit1 To 5 Years, Tax benefit 5 yr80C
Monthly Income 7.5%1500Single 4.5 lacs, Joint 9 Lacs5 Yrs, Monthly returnsNIL
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