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Rules – Transfer of Money from NRE account to saving account ?

You can transfer money from your NRE account to any account However, you cannot transfer money from your normal savings account to NRE account. In order to transfer from a NRE account to a Indian domestic savings account. Just add the payee as NEFT or RTGS payee and initiate the transfer.

However note that its not that easy and straightforward to transfer back from domestic account to NRE account as NRE accounts allow deposits only in foreign currency or from another NRE account.

See the following rule:

Admissible transactions:

Transfer of funds from NRE to NRO
Transfer of funds from NRE to fixed deposit
Transfer of funds from NRE to any other account
Transfer of funds from one NRE to another NRE account

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Non admissible transactions:

Transfer of funds from NRO to NRE
Transfer of funds from any other account to NRE account

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