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Income Tax Discussion and Analysis. Ask your queries related to Income Tax,eTds,Income Tax Challan,eFilling income tax online etc. Discuss any question related to Income Tax efilling and returns.

SBI Foreign Education Loan – TCS Rate on Remittance

TDS on SBI Foreign Education Loan Remittance kicks in from October 1. The SBI tweet said that the  Tax Collection at Source (TCS) on Liberalized remittances ...

Check Last Date to File ITR for FY 2019-20

Last date to File ITR for FY 2019-20 extended - Income Tax Department has extended the last date for filling the Income Tax returns. The new dates for filing ...

Get Free ePAN Card Online – Eligibility & Application Procedure

Apply and get free ePAN card online - Income Tax department has introduced the facility of providing instant PAN card online. All the valid Aadhaar card ...

Category of Tax Payers Can’t Switch Between Old and New Income Tax Regimes Every Year

Know the category of Tax Payers who can't choose between Old & New Tax regime every year - The Budget of FY 2020 proposes to provide option a taxpayer to ...

New Income Tax Regime or Old – What should you pick ?

Compare Income tax regime between New & Old -  The Finance Act 2020, allows employees, pensioners and others to choose between two different tax slabs ...

Calculate Your Projected Income Tax for FY 2020-21 in New Tax Regime

Income Tax calculation for FY 2020-21 and AY 2021-22 - Union government has introduced a new income tax strucre along with the existing one. The new income ...

New Income Tax Slab Rate for Financial Year 2020-21

New Income Tax Slab Rate for FY 2020-21- Union Finance Minister has proposed new income tax slabs and lower rates on Income Tax slabs up to Rs 15 Lakhs. ...

5 Key Changes in Income Tax Provisions  Announced in Budget 2019

5 Key Changes introduced in this year Income Tax Slab - Income tax slab rates unchanged but announced a slew of new income tax proposals that could impact many ...

Income Tax Slab 2019-20 – New Tax Rules Explained

Finance Minister has announced the Income tax rebate in FY 2019-20 with complete tax rebate on income up to Rs 5 lakh. He has declared complete rebate in ...

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