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Does Banking Act amendments Really help in Resolving NPA’s ?

A lot of say about new Banking Regulation act amendment policy by the Central government, which empower RBI to tackle large Non Performing Accounts or NPA account customer more effectively. This new amendments is being brought by central government after...

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List of All Bank with Total Digit in Bank Account Numbers

List of All Banks in India with total number of Digit in their Account number. Many of time while updating the account number or remembering the bank's account number we confuse with the total number of digits in Bank account...

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Now All Bank Account To Be Enabled For BHIM UPI and Internet Banking Payments

Now after BHIM UPI , it's time for all banks in India to enable all their bank accounts for Internet banking for online payment along with BHIM UPI apps transaction. The Union ministry of electronics and information technology has conveyed...

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How To Exchange Banned Rs 500 & Rs 1000 Currency Notes ?

Government of India and Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has banned the existing Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes from the circulation and transaction with immediate effect. Starting 09th Nov transaction in these two currencies are not valid as the...

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Rs 80,000 Crore Chit Fund Scam

Recent Chit Fund scam by various companies have duped thousands of depositors of at least Rs 80,000 crore. This is the estimation provided by Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) . Majority share of this scam is from eastern state of...

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