Syndicate Bank Debit Card Transaction Limit

Check out per day transaction limit on Syndicate Bank Debit CardsSyndicateBank Debit Card, domestic (valid in India) or Global as per your option, is packed with RuPay / VISA / Master Power, and brings the convenience of accessing account ANY TIME ANY WHERE in India / Globally in a safe, secured and convenient way. EMV Debit cards are only valid for International / Global use.

In SyndicateBank ATMs (unlimited number of Transactions permitted) subject to the following Limits

Per Day Transaction Limits for Debit Cards
ATM Withdrawal Limit (in Rs)POS Transaction (in Rs) e-Commerce ransactionAll Combined (In Rs)
VISA Gold25,00075,00075,00075,000
RUPAY Platinum50,0001,25,0001,25,0001,25,000
Maestro / VISA /RuPay Classic Cards25,00025,00025,00025,000
POS Transaction Limit For Syndicate Bank Debit Cards
Minimum (in Rs)Maximum (In Rs)
Cash Withdrawal at SyndicateBank ATMs (Classic Debit Cards)10025,000
Cash Withdrawal at SyndicateBank ATMs (VISA Gold Cards)10025,000
Cash Withdrawal at SyndicateBank ATMs (RuPay Platinum Cards)10050,000
Cash Withdrawal at Other Bank ATMs (All Cards)10010,000
POS / e-Commerce Transaction (Maestro / VISA Classic Cards)125,000
POS / e-Commerce Transaction (RuPay Classic Cards) 225,000
POS / e-Commerce Transaction (VISA Gold Cards)175,000
POS / e-Commerce Transaction (RuPay Platinum Cards) 11,25,000

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*For SB account holders, 3 transactions, including non-financial in Metro ATMs of other Banks are free and 5 transactions in non-Metro ATMs of other Banks. Above free transactions, `20/- per financial transaction and `10/- per non-financial transaction will be debited to the account. All ATM transactions abroad are charged with `125/- + GST. Markup charges @ 2% + GST is also applicable for transaction in foreign currency.

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