Can I Pay Citi Bank Credit Card Bill Through IMPS ?


I am holding a Citibank Reward Credit Card and wanted to pay the Credit Card Bill Instantly through UPI or IMPS. Can I Pay the Citibank credit card outstanding bill using IMPS ?

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  1. Citibank Credit Card Outstanding bills can be paid using the IMPS platform from any of the Banks Internet Banking or Mobile Banking applications. The Bills can also be paid via UPI application like Google Pay or PhonePe or PayTm also.

    Just 3 steps for IMPS Citi Credit Card Bill Payments

    1. Log in to your account with any bank
    2. Add your 16 digit Citi Credit Card number as payee
    3. IFSC Code for Credit Card Bills payment: CITI0000003 (Chennai branch)
    4. Make the payment towards the card added via IMPS

    DONE !!!

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