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How To Register for Canara Bank Mobile Banking app CANDI ?

A Canara Bank customer whose mobile number is linked with single customer id and has following account types can use the Mobile Banking application:

a. Savings Account.

b. Current Account with sole proprietorship.

NOTE: Registered mobile number is one which is updated and linked with customer ID of bank account number of the customer in CBS.

How To install & register for mobile banking app on android device ?

  • Kindly visit Play Store/App Store on your smart phone and search Canara Bank Mobile Banking application. Click on mobile app icon & press install or click here to download
  • After successful installation open app by clicking new Canara mobile banking icon.
  • Click on next button to continue after selecting the Registered Mobile Number (RMN) with the Bank. SMS will be initiated by the selected SIM; Ensure balance is available to send the SMS successfully.
  • After successful Mobile Number validation, an OTP will be sent to your RMN.
  • Enter the OTP received and validate the authenticity.
  • You will be redirected to create and confirm your 5 digits numeric PASSCODE for login into the application.
  • Accept the Terms & Conditions after successfully creating the PASSCODE.
  • Kindly permit the application to access your location, gallery etc.
  • Before initiating any mobile Banking transactions, you need to create and confirm new 6 digits numeric MPIN for validating all MB transactions.
  • Click on ‘SET NOWto activate your Mobile Banking account by entering the active debit card details.
  • Welcome, you’re all set to use the new Canara Bank Mobile Banking Application.
  • You may also contact us at
  • or visit or
  • call at 1800 425 0018

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