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What is External Commercial Borrowing (ECB) ?

ECB refer to borrowings by corporate & FIs from international market. ECBs are part of India? overall external debt. ECB is permitted for import of capital goods, implementation of new projects, modernisation of existing production units. Use of ECB for...

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What is Loan Amortization ?

This is generally the term used in paying Loan installments.The reduction of an amount at regular intervals over a certain time period.

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What is Perpetual Bonds ?

These are securities without any maturity.

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What is Trust Receipt (TR) ?

Goods pledged as security or covered under a bill purchased, can be given to the borrower against a TR for enabling him to sell & deposit sale proceed to the Bank & return unsold goods to Bank. This TR finance...

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What is Quasi Equity ?

Certain items though not contributed by owners can be considered under NW or capital to improve DE Ratio, such as, subsidy, seed capital assistance, unused loans backed by, pegging letter, amount of debentures which is compulsorily convertible to shares within...

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