Latest Outcome 11th Bipartite Salary Settlement For Bankers

There was meeting held between representative of various Bank unions with IBA (Indian Bankers Association) for settlement of 11th Bipartite wage revision. IBA on behalf of government informed to settle the salary revision on time as per the scheduled date.

During the discussions, the following issues were taken up for deliberations:
• Introduction of 5 Day Banking
• Improvements and better management of Medical Insurance Scheme
• Proper implementation of compassionate ground appointment scheme in all Banks as per Government guidelines
 Introduction of Leave Bank system
• Staff Welfare Scheme allocation based on Operating profits of Banks
• Problems of physically challenged employees
• Problems of women employees
• Problems of Ex-servicemen employees
• Intra-cadre career progression scheme
• Revision in income criteria for dependent
• Improvement in compensation on transfer of employees
It was decided that the next round of discussions would be held on 23.08.2017.
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