Can I invest more than Rs.50,000 and claim tax benefit under RGESS?

One may invest any amount in a demat account designated under RGESS, but the benefit under the Scheme can be claimed only on investment up to Rs. 50,000.

However, you have the freedom to select the stocks to be kept under lock-in for upto Rs. 50,000 for claiming benefits under RGESS. It may be noted that the depository would be automatically locking-in all the eligible securities which comes into an RGESS designated demat account during the first financial year upto a value of Rs. 50000.

Hence, ensure that you intimate the depository participant through Form B within one month from the date of transaction, about those investments which you do not want to keep as part of RGESS investment in the first year, such that you have the right to sell / pledge those securities at any time.

Once an application is made through Form B, that particular security cannot be brought back under RGESS while claiming for tax benefit in the first year. In subsequent years of flexible lock-in period, if that stock is still an eligible security under RGESS provisions, then the same will be counted towards valuation of RGESS portfolio irrespective of its status as an ?ligible security?during the first year.


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