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Ask about various mutual fund scheme and get advice of experts on your investment in Mutual funds. Portfolio wise Mutual funds analysis and solution of queries related to any fund.

Top Performing Small Cap Mutual Funds To Invest in 2015

Small Cap Mutual Funds To Invest in 2015 – The share market is at all time high and each day it is caching a new position. There are many investors who are willing to enter the market but hesitate to invest in due to higher risk involve in it. The best way to new investor to enter the market is ...

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When Purchased Unit are Transfered in Close Ended Schemes ?

According to SEBI Regulations, transfer of units is required to be done within thirty days from the date of lodgment of certificates with the mutual fund.

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When will I get statement of account after investing in Mutual Fund Scheme ?

Mutual funds are required to despatch certificates or statements of accounts within six weeks from the date of closure of the initial subscription of the scheme. In case of close-ended schemes, the investors would get either a demat account statement or unit certificates as these are traded in the stock exchanges. In case of open-ended schemes, a statement of account ...

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How much should I invest in debt or equity Mutual Fund schemes?

This is purely depends on the income level and earning of individual. There are many other cases also where the returns are anticipated and invested accordingly. I would always suggest to invest for long time.

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How is a mutual fund set up?

The process of forming a Mutual Fund companies is little complex as a mutual fund is set up in the form of a trust, which has sponsor, trustees, asset management company (AMC) and custodian. The trust is established by a sponsor or more than one sponsor who is like promoter of a company. The trustees of the mutual fund hold ...

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What is an assured return scheme?

A scheme cannot promise returns unless such returns are fully guaranteed by the sponsor or AMC and this is required to be disclosed in the offer document. TIPS : Investors should carefully read the offer document whether return is assured for the entire period of the scheme or only for a certain period. Some schemes assure returns one year at ...

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Can non-resident Indians (NRIs) invest in mutual funds ?

Yes, non-resident Indians can also invest in mutual funds. Necessary details in this respect are given in the offer documents of the schemes.

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What is a Repurchase or Redemption Price ?

Repurchase or redemption price is the price or NAV at which an open-ended scheme purchases or redeems its units from the unitholders. It may include exit load, if applicable. When price or NAV of a unitholder is charged while investing in an open-ended scheme is called sales price.

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