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Bihar Professional Tax Slab For FY 2015-16

Bihar Professional Tax For FY 2015-16 – As per the Income Tax  rule by Clause (2) of Article 276 of the Constitution of India Professional Tax is a specific type of Tax which is levied by the State in India on the Income earned through profession or employment.

Professional Tax was first  levied in year 1949 as per the power laid down by constitution in  Clause (2) of Article 276 of the Constitution of India where state are empower to charge the professional tax as per the slab rate defined time to time.

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This is to remember that Income Tax are collected by Central Government where as the Professional Tax by State government.

Bihar Government also levied the Professional tax on salaried individuals of government , non-government entities, Private practicing in any profession i.e. Doctors, Engineers, accountants, Lawyers or any businesses.

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The slab rate for professional tax are vary as per the state on different income of Individuals but there is maximum ceiling of professional tax being charged by any state government i.e.  Rs 2500/-. which is allowed under deduction in Income Tax as per the section 16.

Professional Tax Slab in State of Bihar 

Annual Salary Professional Tax Per Year
Up to Rs 3,00,000/- Nil
Rs 3,00,001-Rs 5,00,000/- Rs 1,000 per financial year
Rs 5,00,001-Rs 10,00,000/- Rs 2,000 Per Financial Year
Rs 10,00,000/- or Above Rs 2500 Per Financial Year

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