Bad Time For PNB, Now Data Breach Hits Thousand Debit & Credit Card Customers

Seriously time is not running well for State run Public Sector Bank, Punjab National Bank (PNB). After Rs 11,400 crore Nirav Modi fraud, the cyber security firm has reported the data breach in the Debit and Credit card of Bank’s customers.

The details of Debit & credit Card like names, expiry dates, Personal Identification Numbers and Card Verification Values of approximate 10,000+ customers are offer on sale by some websites in Singapore for $4.95.

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The Hongkong based security company CloudSek Information Security has informed the Government of India about the data breach and information reached further to PNB.

PNB’s Chief Information Security Officer T.D. Virwani has confirmed it was working with the government to contain the fallout from the release of the data. 

The process of finding the data breach was little complicated and required special  machine learning tools to track the sites as these are sites on the Internet which are not indexed by Google or other major search engines. They are used to buy and sell sensitive data illegally.

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The breach of Debit & Credit cards data are fresh as the last date stamp on the data is January 29, 2018.

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